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Migraine (Again)
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Yesterday, I worked very hard, then decided to work on - despite knowing that I couldn't see properly out of my left eye.  This has got to stop, I can't keep getting migraines like this; I have had two inside 4 days.  My problem is that I get engrossed, forget to eat/drink/comfort break and most crucially, I tend to hold my breath too long when concentrating

I will carry on with the notes, but there is something else I have to read and get the gist on today in ready for tomorrow's lecture on George Villiers, Viscount of Buckingham's The Rehearsal

Finished notes - 7,494, now onward to read this bloody Rehearsal script.

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I'm sorry. Would it help to set little alarms for yourself to remember to take breaks? It wouldn't help with the breathing, though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Thank you - I woke this morning not feeling quite right, but I have to get on with it, because time is running out. I took more breaks today, ate better and remembered to breathe! I think I should set an alarm, as I get so engrossed, I actually don't notice anything until I am howling sitting on the floor like a little kid :-/

I['m so sorry... migraines really ARE the bloody PITS. Awful. Killers. Head bangers...horrible.

I agree with you having to set yourself timers to get up and walk around, have a cuppa and so on. It does help... seriously. cos just sitting getting more and more tied in to the screen and not daring to lose the thread of thort.... just dot down the 'tbc' bit and then go and have a break. cupppa, gaze out of window. ease the brain... Oh love I DO feel for you. I DO so much. Had years and YEARS of them daily all day... and god I was sick. So... relax.... I know you've deadlines to keep, but they will wait just a few minutes for a nice cuppa and a biscuit!!

HUGS love, gentle quiet dark peaceful hugs.

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You are very sweet - it's self-inflicted, this time. Not enough breaks and shallow breathing - I'm sure of it.

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