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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love Peacock
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“When Scythrop grew up, he was sent, as usual, to a public school, where a little learning was painfully beaten into him, and from thence to the university, where it was carefully taken out of him; and he was sent home like a well-threshed ear of corn, with nothing in his head.”

* cue manic, self-identifying laughter *

Full Transcript HERE (Project Gutenberg)

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So MUCH reading , so MUCH to read... So LITTLE TIME!!!!!!!!!

If it helps,I will drip feed some of it to you over time. Just the choice bits, mind. For reference, think of Shelley and the Bronte sisters, as channelled by Spike Milligan.

He's on my Gutenberg to read file!!! I'll get around to it, so bless you. I'm thoroughly enjoying Aaronovitche's Whispers Underground. Very clever... and deliciously light and daft.

So Peacock will have to wait, I've still got three more various sitting on my table begging me..........

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