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An Evening with Dryden

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...and may I say, one of the longest in my life? I know there are going to be some that will disagree with me, but after reading his 'McFlecknoe' rant, I am actually rather nostalgic for Juvenal whining about the rich and how they clog up the street with beggars, flunkies and other hangers-on.  In short, he does go on a bit, doesn't he? Unless you have a dictionary of 17th c terms, you spend half your life trying to understand the 'changed' meaning for some of the words - i.e. the 'sinister' hand meant to be the left hand.  In short, he had it in for Thomas Shadwell, who thought he was heir presumptive to Ben Jonson. Oh dear.

I have another hour or so of reading, then I will read the rest on the train.  Let me tell you that 2 hours then goes at the blink of an eye!

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Tags: ba english yr 3, ben jonson, john dryden, satire, thomas shadwell
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