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Happy Valentine's Day (Revised)

Spread the love, people :-)

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You didn't do that because of my comment, did you? I didn't mean anything, but I do like this image a whole lot more. *hugs*

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a very dark sense of humour and detest Valentine's day. In a way, it was a perhaps less-than-subtle take on the matter. A bit 'Wuthering Heights' (which took physical love to an.... ahem... subterranean level). Til death do you not necessarily part.

My mother was a spiritualist medium and she didn't like ouja boards, either - but whether she thought it was just a sinister scrabble board or some tool to unleash hellish feind with Jumanji-esque implications, I don't know. I don't have those concerns myself, nor do I dabble

I think it would have been nicer if was a general "Love Day' - so that people can express different forms of love I. e. Parental, friendship, love for the pets of the family etc. I just detest the commercialism and expectation of it all, but I was probably a wee bit tactless too.

Anyway, I found a pretty alternative :-)

I'm sorry that I made you have to rethink it. You didn't have to for my sake. I can appreciate everyone's approach on their own level. I was just telling you mine. We had a student using a board to make a light for tech class and I couldn't even look at the thing. Sigh, it would be nice if there was someone you could ask stuff like this for a clear answer.

*hugs* thank you!

You're welcome - I am having Banoffee pie for my 'compromise' Valentine's day.

Yum! We are going out tonight. No idea what I'm going to have yet.

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