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Pop Up Library
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A lot to do today, as I am up in Plymouth tomorrow. I really need to get the draft to diss lecturer by the 15th February, so I can have a chat and proceed forward.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of a handy book dispenser - seemingly a Pop Up Library in Indianapolis.  What a fab idea.

The problem is - sometimes you come across a part of your work that doesn't gel.  You can't articulate WHY - you kinda know what you say, but it just doesn't come out right.  Usually, I come across this problem, I write in layman's terms so when I come back later, I can write it with more of an academic head.  This isn't working at the moment.  I look at it and it seems a bloody mess.

They say that when you are under time pressure, you produce your best work - for me it really doesn't.

Well, it's turned out a bit better now and am on the final part of the chapter about the interaction of the protagonist with the male characters and how it contributed to the rest of the story.  Great.  Now I can sleep and get ready for tomorrow's lecture on Dryden.

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Replace the phone booths of yesteryear :-)

that is very cool. :D We have book boxes here and they are great.

There is a kind of second hand book booth theory in some of our old disused phone boxes. Not sure how well it works, I can imagine it being quite dank and smelly, besides we have more charity books shops that actual regular shops in some areas.

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