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Spoon Roses

Well, I am wide awake again - trying NOT to alternate between freezing and burning up. A overly bright moon and cold weather doesn't help, nor does the sound of Hubby's ripping nasal passages (will check to see if if they are lined with velcro at some point). Listening to music late doesn't help either.

Plus side is, I have been able to write some notes down via the virtual post-it app on my phone. It is not for my second chapter; rather, I think it will form part of my conclusion at the end of all three chapters. So, my missing hours of sleep aren't all in vain. Funny how things can be deducted via the twilight of the Android. Here's a thought: Do Androids Stream Eclectic Leap?  Cue Blade Runner.

* sorry, brain on overdrive *

(picture unrelated - just liked the idea of spoon roses).

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Love icon!

The roses are just ... lovely. How clever people are! I went to a small place somewhere in Brittany once, and there was an exhibition of sculptures. What can you say about fishes swimming (made of old fish slices!!), of ostriches hurtling through the bundu (made of old typewriter keys) and so on. I soooo wanted the ostriches, they were running so HARD.... and for me - typewriter keys, what a combo.

I do hope you get your 'knitting' together, all neatly sewn and trimmed and turned into a masterpiece for the Degree!!! You're a bit like the rose sculptor... I just don't know how you do it.... !

Hugs love. oh HUGS!!!!

Thank you - I do have a wind chime made from old, bent cutlery. Has a lovely sound.

Sorry things are so discombobulated (now that's a great word) for you. *hugs* and hope it gets better.

Love the spoon roses!

Thank you - spoon roses sounds like a nineties pop group LOL :-)))

It does rather have that sound to it.

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