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Plodding Persistence

Plodding on as I do - enthusiasm can carry someone a long way.  Right now, it is pounding out ch 2 as per usual, in time for my diss lecturer to read it and see me in the fourth week (10 days from now). I have new impetus - after speaking to a senior lecturer, I am going to be attending the post graduate fair, with view to possibly going further.  I also am considering getting a placement somewhere via Plymouth Uni.  It is early days yet.  Have read the MA English Literature page and am definitely interested.

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Slow and steady! Be strong!

Plod and chip away - slow and steady will win this race :-)

Exactly! Patience and strength will win out over speed and foolishness any day.

Hare and tortoise! Tortoise always wins!

MY GOD...I read the Masters Course requirements, cost etc. Bloody hell, I need to take a course in translating those definitions.

That stuff is DEFINITELY not me. No way! I hate taking something well - or badly written apart and trying to find something strange and crawly underneath. I'm afraid I read and enjoy and take it at face value, with a little thought behind.

Good luck love, you've a far far better brain than I have... I'll just tag along and shovel GOOD LUCKS at you!

Well, I am only considering it - I think I need a LOT more information on it, so it is likely I will be attending a post grad fare and find out the options first. It might be a bit beyond me, though I have been reassured those who get a 2:1 and higher usually do ok. Think they get passes, merits and distinctions rather than number grading.

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