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Insomnia Once More
Can't sleep, burning up and I have to get on a train in 4 hours. That is all.

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fcku that sucks!

take a sip of apple cider vinegar with water, that will settle it.

On way back from uni now - haven't slept in 34 hours. Just as well that I am on a train.

get some sleep, don't miss your stop

I was a bit concerned that I might have dozed off and woken up at Exeter St David's (36 miles the wrong side of Plymouth) or even worse, Paddington (London = 300 miles). At least falling asleep coming home, if I over shot the station, there is only one more stop :-)

so trump travel restrictions aside, you're home safe and sound?

Yeah, I slept for 14 hours straight, so I guess that I needed it.

Don't think Trump is going to be a problem for me as a) I am a Brit b) I do not belong to any religious faction c) I may have dark colouring, but that is from my Spanish/French relative from a few generations back. Plus, I have no intention of visiting the States in any case, so I think he is safe from me and my closely-read textual studies :-DDD

good to get rest. do you feel a little more sane again?

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