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Now I Have Got It Back - What Do I Do With It?
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(Picture is unrelated, but have you noticed that coconut oil/aloe vera/apple cider vinegar seems to be THE thing to sort out everything from Jock itch to Tsetse Fly? If in doubt, liberally daub all over life).

I have read my tutor's observations on chapter two and have now got to the point where I am scratching my head (Ti Tree oil is another).  I have amended a few things, but now I have got to REALLY think what I want to say, because I don't feel inspired to write ANYTHING on the subject.  I think I will have to scuttle off and do some research - that may help.  That and dictaphone.

Funny how things are.  I pondered for hours without writing a thing, even  cleaned the board and stared at it for a while.  Eventually, I had a 'penny drop' moment and I think I have reworked the plan to my advantage and it looks nothing like the original essay or it's plan, but I do believe that I am nearer to getting it sussed.

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Ah, coconut oil. It used to be so hard to find and now it's everywhere. I saw a whole display of different brands at my grocery store just yesterday. Personally, I use it on my horse - for wounds, to make her mane and tail glossy, and to condition her hooves. I hear some people eat the stuff, too.

Good luck with the paper. I feel a tiny fraction of your pain after spending time last night trying to find solid references so my daughter could propose an anthropology paper on show jumping.

Hubby uses it on his scalp, stops dandruff etc.

Great!!! Hooray.

This is the sort of thing my dear Editors at Brigits Flame used to do for me. I'd go over and over something, then post it off and they'd come back with gurt paragraphs of ... 'It would be better if you changed that round a bit... to that...' or 'take out all those commas'. 'finish the sentence... it is hanging!' simply cos you can't see the Forest for all the wood chippings around. So glad, and I'm sure its now puffick!!!

TOLD YOU... you'll easily get the 75% mark. HUGS and happies!!!!!!

Well, hopefully well over sixty :-D

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