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Portfolio Results - Relieved
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Had my results and I got 63% for it - 20% of my dissertation mark.  Which is a relief.  I now know where I am going with the chapters and that makes a big difference.  However, I think I am going to have retype my frame of reference - it has to be a little more challenging and open to argument.  I think I have gone from one extreme to another - from rambling to abrupt, plus they want me to go further with the academic essays.  Great - I could argue myself into a complete loop there, wasting precious words en route.

Freezing today, well nearly - thermometer says just under 4c (39f) and is set to drop further tonight.  One of the coldest winters we have had for a while, waking up to frost on several mornings.  No sign of snow, though.  Now I am back at Uni, I really hope it holds off, as it is far more likely to snow in Plymouth than further west (e.g. where I am!)

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Well done. and so glad they've come and you can stop holding your breath as you chew your fingernails. That's not a bad score... not bad at all, and if you fiddle a BIT nottalot... a BIT and nip at the edges, you'll hit the 75 mark!!!

And i hope it doesn't snow either... cos if the good old English Train gets snowed in you might end up looking like that horrific train pic you posted!!! GAAAAHHhh

Well done love, well done, have a cornish pasty on me! XXXXXXXXXXXX

Thanks darling - think I will do just that xxx

Boy, isn't that the truth - reference your image.

I'm so glad that your results are good one. You must be so relieved!

Yes - one big sigh of relief, rather than several nervous gasps of hyperventilation :-)

Uh... What does that mean??

I'm terribly sorry. First LOL Of The Day (and I don't post LOL unless I actually laugh out loud).

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Ahhh....yes, second only to February.

Tell me about it. That's when my birthday is.

It's been a long time since I was a kid, but if I ever get another sweater as a "present" there will be blood on the floor.

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