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Me To A Tea :-D
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Hubby is a smart cookie - he takes me to Waterstones at least every couple of weeks.  Better than dinner out, or chocolates etc.  The route to a girl's heart is through the book store.  Question remains - which is the best smell? The fantastic freshly-cut smell of new paper in undiscovered books, or the wonderous odour of older, mustier books?  Decisions decisions....

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Just LOOKING... and knowing it is a NEW to you BOOK! Then the delicious thrill of opening, holding, reading a random line... (or in the case of ancient tomes of value. just staring and reading as the page pours its history into the air for you.)

Oh Bliss, a bookstore, and ALL the year to browse. (I'd LIVE in some of the ones shown on TV in movies... full of dust and piled books, and higgledy piggledy... and blow food, coffee or anything..... I would be fed from the pages by osmosis! teehee.

What a darling Hubby you have... oh he THINKS of YOU!!! ooh happy happy.

They are truly a portal to other dimensions, aren't they?

Hubby is sweet - wish he would read more, but tends to unwind by watching TV more. Each to their own. I buy him DVDs, so we are equal :-)

I prefer the musty smell myself.

There is this wondrous vanilla/red wine smell with old books, which is absolutely intoxicating.

Yes or the earthy smell. It says time, history, old to me.

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