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Major Dissertation Ch 2/Day 5

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No sign of portfolio as yet and started typing late as a friend has popped around. I * think * that the essay is making progress, but not before I chop a whole load off - again.  I have to concentrate on the women of the novel, rather than the men, but I maintain their involvement is crucial.  Difficult then, when you show how one pairing acts against another, without drawing then men further into the equation.  Difficult ground.

Over the next few days, I will have to order the Windows Office package and get it delivered ASAP, plus have a better look and a preliminary read of the first few books of the Satire module.  If I can get this chapter sorted for the first draft, then I will be happy to move on.

I have spent the past three hours trying to rouse my laptop from its lair under the desk and actually have it a) Updated and b) Upload Microsoft 365. This has taken FAR longer than expected as it wants me to have a Microsoft email account, get my verification and confirmation email from Plymouth. Plus Hubby is annoyed that he has to unearth the printer from the arse end of the cottage (4 rooms and 1 staircase away), as mine gave up the ghost 2 weeks ago.  It also means switching printer wires from pc to laptop, sending precious work files cascading to the floor. Cue very crude Anglo Saxon words beginning with the letters 'f' and 's.'

I am resigned to not getting any typing done and just be pleased that I have a working, fully-functioning laptop. This has been brought forward because a) Plymouth now want me in for two days a week and I need to be able to type on something when I am in between lessons and trains, b) Apparently, I need to do the National Survey on my own laptop device and in front of one of the main lecturers.

Onward tomorrow.

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