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Portfolio Assessment Due

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Got a message back from diss lecturer - apparently the marks are going to be up for either today or tomorrow.  Ironically, I ranted about the original date (31/01/17) as I wanted to know whether I was going in the right direction, especially since chapter two was basically the same format as chapter one.  Now I am freaking because the marks are due anytime now and if it is essentially crap, I might just have to revise the first chapter and totally redo the second chapter from the start.  Plus, there is another module to start come January 31st.  I have to bring along a laptop/tablet and do a national survey. Great. I am not sure the laptop is even breathing at the moment, I need to install Windows Office on it in any case.

I saw this on the forum - apparently some of the students have had a hectic night, with back to back deadlines etc. I found the following from a knackered and emotional student:

"Beautiful children of English. our grades do not define, us we all have special amazing talents and are incredible humans. One mark for modernism and critics and culture does not define us: we can do amazing things, we can be presidents if we want, or run a Guinea pig farm. We have endless possibilities we are ultimate humans. I love everyone good luck with the deadline, you are all special, a mark does not prove that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Cue a brace of sleep-deprived manic laughing as well as deeply-felt sobbing. I think they are swilling vodka coffee, munching toast and sleeping the rest off.  Meanwhile, I am chewing my nails down to stumps, whilst I halfheartedly plod away on what could be the smoking remains of my second chapter.

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