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Major Dissertation Ch 2/D1/Day 6 - Notes (Continued)

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I am not sure why I have chosen this photo, but maybe it's because there are a lot of shoes that need to be partnered up to make sense.  A lot like my assignments, then.  I am also fighting an urge to write a story about how the shoes got to be in this square.  Who is this man - is he a philosopher or a politician?  Mind wanders, then my brain goes "Stop, stop, - STOP! Get on with the assignment!" I am blessed not so much with dogged determination, but a conscious akin to the Thought Police.  So, onward.  However, don't let that stop you from commenting what YOU think it means, or using the pic to write a story.  Right now, I have to rid my brain of shoes and fill it with feminist theory.  Perhaps the shoes symbolise idealisation of the female identity.... WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Have made more progress than expected, naturally writing some of it and paring back on the information that I thought I needed.  This is the process of the first draft - adding in text referencing and weeding out unnecessary quotes and expanding theories.  The plan looks as different from the first draft as the first draft is to the final draft.  So, will carry on for a few hours and then call it a day :-)

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