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BBC Reveal Plans For "Poignant" New Terry Pratchett Documentary
BBC reveal plans for "poignant" new Terry Pratchett documentary


Word from Rhi Pratchett on her Twitter page - so glad to know that it is with her full involvement and blessing :-)

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Oh YESSSS.... please gimme a 'headsup' when it is coming, I can get BBC with difficulty but CAN if I have time enough to fart about. but it is going to be wonderful.... I hope! who can replace Terence.....????

No one, in my eyes will replace TP - I am to Pratchett as some are to Tolkein, but yes, I will most certainly tell you when I know.

Can you get TV catch up on BBC iPlayer, or are you restricted by being in France?

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iPlayer is temperamental, as sometimes it demands I pay a subscription, and other times I can just ... download or listen in iPlayer. but I can't get TV on BCC waves... i have to go to FILMON... which is an independent strange site that you can follow almost anything on. Takes ages to get around to where you want to see, but I did follow The Night Manager well. But I never know when stuff is on as I don't really spend hours looking down the tv times pages. I've tried Poldarking and Sherlocking but really... I'll wait till they come to me on my big screen.

But one offs from the BBC I will bother to get, and download too.

Some Youtubes are also restricted for France viewing, which, when I realise what I am asking for is soooo innocent and innocuous, I wonder why they block me? Ho hum. Chopin's Nocturnes on one site, and trailers for movies.

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