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Anniversary - Alan Rickman

There are very few in the public eye that I feel sorrow over, because even though you have respect for the celebs, you don't really know them.  My exceptions were the following: John Peel, Professor Mick Aston (gutted about Mick), Robin Williams (let's face it, that was also a WTF? moment) and Terry Pratchett (REALLY gutted about him).  Alan Rickman was special and I think it's because he got under your skin.  The power of acting, eh?

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(Deleted comment)
Great career - lovely guy :-/

A year already? Oh dear, and the world still trundles on despite all those terrible 'we're going to miss you dreadfully' deaths last year.

'twas a mighty brutal cull last year. Hopefully, not so bad this year :-)

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