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LJ - Blank emails, Followed By Spam
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Not being content in sending me blank emails, I am now being spammed at old entires - this one is the 11th August last year.  Seriously getting fed up now :-/

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Wow, that is truly bizarre. Are you working from your lap top or a tablet/iPad? Knock wood, LJ has been good as gold for me.

I work from PC and read some LJ stuff on Kindle and Android. It's happened before when LJ was having all sorts of problems with spammers a few years back. Stuff that I had written over eighteen months ago started to have spurious messages on them. This one was about playing a new LJ game.

It left this message - Subject: Do you heard about alone ballon game for android?
You're heard about the game "Alone Balloon" for android? It's really hard game, i'm could collect only 15 scores, it's really cool :)
I'm really want to find friend... Let's posting our scores on this post?

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