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Major Dissertation Ch 2/D1/Day 2 - Notes

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Answer - tea :-D

I have taken time off the essay writing to compile my notes, which I wrote during the summer and of which needs typing (at least the ones that I need). Now I have scrapped psychoanalytical theory, I don't need all the rest of the notes - plus I have a structure in place, so thankfully I only need to type the very important ones.  Still, it is a bit of a task - I have just vowed to myself that I want most of the second chapter sorted by January 31st.  Not particularly a big ask, but still need to plod away for a fair while.

I have typed over 2,500 of my notes and I think I am only about half way through - but it will reap dividends when I do complete it as I can pick/chose the quotes I need.  Right now, I am done :-)

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