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Doughnut Philiosophy

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HEINLEIN: Make your own doughnut, and don't let anyone take it against your will.

User ci_iojj referenced to your post from Doughnut Philiosophy saying: [...] Оригинал взят у в Doughnut Philiosophy [...]

Marcus Tullius Cicero... a body without donuts is like a body without a soul.

Frank Zappa... So many donuts, so little room.....

Robert Frost. In three words I can sum up everything about life - never enough donuts!

Eleanor Roosevelt. No one can make you eat donuts without your consent.

Oscar Wilde, Always eat all your enemy's donuts, nothing annoys them so much!

Freidriche Neitsche. without Donuts life would be a mistake!

OH hahahah this is such fun and SUCH a waste of time. (I am trying to keep OFF the donuts till I've lost 6/8 lbs!)

Love it Looloo - I especially subscribe to Frank Zappa's pov :-))

Wow, I could have used that when I was in philosophy class...

We had a very similar one about the position of the orange in lit theory i.e. Marx theory = What is the social class of the Orange?; Feminist theory = How is the orange veing repressed by the patriarchy?

Heh, you had more fun in class than I did.

I miss the foundation degree lectures - we had an ace lecturer, who in a previous incarnation was a secondary school teacher who had to keep low stream 14 year olds on track. Very entertaining, but also got her point across :-)

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