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Twelve Days of Christmas - Eight Maids A-Milking
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That poor cow! :P

Happy 2017!

Okay, that's just unsettling... poor cows, never any privacy.

Just plain Yuck - I couldn't believe it until I saw live footage. Done so you can access the cow's innards, to me it's plain wrong.

I totally agree. Doesn't bother the cows - yeah, I bet it doesn't.

This could be assumed to be Intensive Farming! Poor cow looks so alarmed!

Ahh you've changed your piccies - nice! and I like it that you can do it for nowt pence!

Oh dear me... had to giggle as my mind immediately went to 'Oh Fistulee Oh fistulaahhh' sung as a remnant of an opera in the echoing vaults of my mind.

And I'm fully genned up on fistulas.... had a lot of them in my nursing days... usually ours were needing sewing up the hole twixt bladder and rectum... made for messy knicks. So I was so pleased to see these FAT cows, looking so content with holes in their sides, obviously not suffereing any ill effects whatsoever. Might be an interesting Looksee as well.

And as an off thort... I've always wanted (in my greedy days) to have four stomachs like a cow and then I could have FOUR helpings...and then eat it all again after! (strange little girl I was!)

Geddon with the work now gel... yer on the last lap!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Fistulee fistular - I can now imagine you singing about 'mountain tracks' and 'knapsacks. '

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