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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Twelve Days of Christmas - Seven Swans A-Swimming
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Ooop[s... here we are suffering from Bird Flu... so stick in your own little pond Duckies and keep away from squabbling geese!

I hadn't realise that Berdie Floo was back on the scene :-/

Yeah, sadlly its bad for the birds - lots of duck farms have to keep their ducks inside but they can be eaten, as this particular flu doesn't affect humans... just poor birds... wild ones as well. It came to the area where birds have a rest before going to Spain (or coming From Spain). on their way to warmer climes.

Looks like it - it's quite pretty :-)

I've always like the clean cut lines of wood blocks

Off topic for the moment, what are your thoughts on the current LJ news on the server moving to Russia? All a huff and a hoo-ha or a bit more of a worry this time. Plus, have you got a Dreamwidth account etc? Just in in your point of view :-)

I think it's all be blown way out of proportion by people who have some ulterior motives going. Frist, LJ has been a Russian company for several years, they have been able to access those servers anytime they want. I do have a DW account, which I've been using for years as a back up in case of another ddos attack here.

My PoV is that people are making a lot of noise over nothing!

Drop us a line to your DW account :-)

It's here, but I'm rarely there...

I'm pretty easy to find as I tend to leave a bit of reputation behind just in case. :P

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