Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

So, Tell Me - What IS Going On With LiveJournal?

So - yo, tell me.  Why are people suddenly jumping the LJ ship? It has been common knowledge for a while that the forum has been shuttling backwards and forwards to Russia, but it seems that people's friends and private docs are going missing.  Is this just a server issue, or are there more problems afoot?  I have been thinking of leaving LJ for a while, but quickly I found out that cherished LJ friends were not on other forums.  It seems however, that some have Dreamwidth accounts.

I went through some old files on only one particular subject and uploaded it to Word, to find that I had written a staggering 17,000+ words on it since January 2012. Let me tell you that is nothing in comparison to what I wrote/typed before - it's just the tinsiest fraction.  I was like - wow, so much airtime, where did it go?  I regret not uploading the stuff between 2006 to 2012 (I had a habit of clearing my journal one a year on New Years Eve, but have since given up, as I now blog more frerquently and it takes twice as long.

I, too, have a dreamwidth account, but seldom use it, as it was a tad empty.  Anyone from up here want to knock on that door, click HERE
Tags: dreamwidth

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