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So, Tell Me - What IS Going On With LiveJournal?

So - yo, tell me.  Why are people suddenly jumping the LJ ship? It has been common knowledge for a while that the forum has been shuttling backwards and forwards to Russia, but it seems that people's friends and private docs are going missing.  Is this just a server issue, or are there more problems afoot?  I have been thinking of leaving LJ for a while, but quickly I found out that cherished LJ friends were not on other forums.  It seems however, that some have Dreamwidth accounts.

I went through some old files on only one particular subject and uploaded it to Word, to find that I had written a staggering 17,000+ words on it since January 2012. Let me tell you that is nothing in comparison to what I wrote/typed before - it's just the tinsiest fraction.  I was like - wow, so much airtime, where did it go?  I regret not uploading the stuff between 2006 to 2012 (I had a habit of clearing my journal one a year on New Years Eve, but have since given up, as I now blog more frerquently and it takes twice as long.

I, too, have a dreamwidth account, but seldom use it, as it was a tad empty.  Anyone from up here want to knock on that door, click HERE

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the servers have just been moved to russia, so maybe that's why. are you going to dreamwidth? i've been thinking about it

I've just checked on my Dreamwidth... and that is me. And happily I have uploaded lately and included ALL my originals... poems esp which I wanted to keep as ahem, mention has been made about publishing some...but its a bit vague right now.
So I hope you are in my list. I'm not sure about what they mean by "subscribe to "... does everyone have to click or unclick there to be on my file... but since I seem to have LJ on there anyway.... I can't suss the new language over there... so used to LJ.

I'm not sure why everyone is in such a tizzy about the Russians having LJ... they've had it for at least three years, and for goodness sake, Everyone sees EVERYTHING anyway.... just hope they don't close LJ down, as I'd be LOST trying to find everyone back on Dreamwidth and come 'home' like I do here!

Mine's here in any case -->

The thing about dreamwidth is that there desn't appear to be a private message function, plus I don't mind people who are friends to read stuff that is f-locked, but there are some entries that I don't want made public. They aren't especially 'case sensitive' (why bother putting anything on line that can be hacked, right?).

We will have to see :-/

(Deleted comment)
I am, but I am considering crossposting from there are see how it goes :-)

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