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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Twelve Days of Christmas - Six Geese A-Laying
Image result for six geese a laying

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A beautiful piece of music :-)

let me entertain you..

let me make you smile..

; )

Ooops sorry but first thort was... they're all squabbling over who actually LAID the single egg. and WHO is going to have constitutional rights, and... who's going to pay for the schooling and....oh dear. sorry!!!

LOL - Looloo, have you been taking a walk round my head?


have you ever eaten a goose egg? I haven't and just wondered what it tasted like.

I haven't, but I have been told they are very rich.

Hmm... now I'm curious...

They're just bigger than hen eggs... I don't like duck eggs as much, they're too pale yolked, but goose eggs are GOOD EGGS. ... Just don't add them to cake recipes - they ARE just too much too big. Lovely boiled... and you can dunk LOTS of soldiers!

If you ever get to finding a gold one .... just keep SCHTUM.. that bird will have a hard time for the rest of her life!

Mine will be at the end of an impossible rainbow...

* sigh *

Thanks! I was just curious! Mmm, dunking soldiers...

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