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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 43
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43. Go to a play or a musical?
A play - musicals get on my nerves.

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ME TOO! Went off musicals when I thort I'd treat myself to Oklahoma in London... having enjoyed Bali Hai and Annie ... but Gordon MacCrae bellowing like a cut bull, through the corn being as 'high as an elephant's eye..'... that is just the Ultimate in OFF PUTTING! I nearly puked.

My brother used to sing 'You'll never walk alone.... ' from Carousel for some reason, I think he'd fallen in love or bed or something, but he could NOT SING... and it was the most awful earworm...

No... an Opera...oh yes... La Boheme, La Traviata...both have me in gurt sobbing tears as the endings are so damned glorious... I even enjoy Aida... and even Gilbert and Sullivan on stage... but they're not really musicals are they.. G&S? Comic Opera.

Good stage - YES... oh its YONKS since I've been to a good play live. (In English! but they don't have subtitles for French plays live! teehee)

I don't mind male opera singers, female opera singers range puts my teeth on edge. I have sensitive hearing, which doesn't help

I'm guessing as a theatre person, I shouldn't judge... :P

I don't go to the theatre much, but I prefer it out of the two.

Well, that's the lovely thing about the theatre, something for everyone.

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