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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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When The 'Littlies' Decorate Your Window

Well, it's been a bit of a friends and family affair, really but the little ones did most of it. So far it has been the following: K aged 6, helped by her mother AKA my sister; A aged 9, helped by her father AKA Prodigal 1. Prodigal 2 and his friend Naomi have added to the equation and lastly Self cut out a few too. Tomorrow, there might be more, including P2's best mate, who looked soulfully at the windows, vowing to add to it. It has to be said that both P1/P2 are strapping guys, as so are their friends (bar Nae), but when it comes to cutting out snowflakes for Xmas, they descend into 3 year olds.

Results? Fond vibes and a really cute batch of windows :-)

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truly a work of metaphysical art. i commend the photographer!

; )

Thank you Mr P - what it lacks in artistry, it makes up for in charm.

That sounds like a warm and housefilled day. (hope the hoover worked OK for all those little cut out pieces!)

Your Prodigals sound such FUN and NICE NICE NICE boys!!!!

It is truly a very different and VERY PRETTY window. Trust you lot to be ORIGINALS!!!

HUGS... and thanks ... tis ever such a splendid window... view and all.

P1 & 2 have grown into great guys and both have not been the easiest of kids in their own separate ways. However, they have either mellowed (P1) or matured (P2) and fingers crossed, they seem pretty cool now :-)

Simple, but I really love it!

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