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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 34
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34. What are your thoughts on online dating or tinder?
I have never needed to use them, but I have had a few friends that have and each had their fair share of heartbreak from the weird and wonderful.  If I was in a position to be on my own, I don't think I would bother trying to hook up with someone online.  I would prefer to find guys who were going the same places and doing what I was doing - so, mature students i.e. English grads, hairy archaeologists etc.

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I'm with you. it's never been an issue for me and I'm not sure that if anything happened to TBG, I'd want to get re-involved. I'd just invited Sparky to come live with me and we'd raise cats.

I think I would do the same, tbh.

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