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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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40 Years Ago

Forty years ago today, my family comprised of four adults, two kippered children and a zonked out cat sat in a carriage just like this. Destination - Cornwall. Back then, all I had to worry about was whether my wobbly tooth would fall out before we went to the new house and when could I see the sea? Ironically, I am on the same line (albeit in a different direction) to deliver my portfolio to Plymouth University.  I had just played the Spanish doll in 'Coppelia' the day before and had rushed round to say a final farewell to my friends.  Music under cut.

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Quite a few numbers on the clock since then, eh?


Aw, good memories or were they? Did you like your new home?

I love the way the bunny's ears bounce.

The train carriage was very like that, too :-)

My folks never regeretted moving to Cornwall and I didn't, either. The downside of living here is that it is on the toe end of Britain and as picturesque as it is, there is high unemployment and poor living. It is a very specific economy - tourist, some fishing and farming, but working class jobs are very poorly paid and it's a bit hit and miss for the middles too. The professional classes (drs,dentists,surgeons)have to fight tooth and nail to be here and quite often take a job cut. So it is swings and roundabouts here.

If you go into my Flickr album (where I showed my China pictures a few days ago) and go into the album section. You will see photos of Lelant and St Ives - they are stunning places to live.

Yikes, I suspect I would have been in the bathroom most of the trip then. Urp...

It sounds a little like where I grew up. Everything was fine until the stone cutting/monument industry went belly up. My da was thankfully retired by then, but it hit a lot of folks very hard.

Cornwall was rich with Fish/Tin/Farmer but it has all gone to the wall now :-/

It's sad when a lifestyle is lost because of a shift in commodities.

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