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RMB - Gaudete

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those were the days, of peace and good will..

more of that

i used to love steeleye span

season's blessings

; )

are you familiar with this young fellow

Re: holy holiday rosa

Of course. Aled Jones is now in his mod forties and a minor celebrity in the UK. He is a broadcaster for Classic FM and has also released an album, where he duets with his younger self.

Re: holy holiday rosa

so can he sing?

; ))

Re: holy holiday rosa

He's ok, but I wouldn't upload from iTunes anytime soon - nor freebie YouTube it either :-)

Re: holy holiday rosa

yes, it is somewhat bland, but good background sound

can listen on YT, so why download from iTunes?

i would rather go to the steeleyespan web site and buy it. if that's possible.

fcku the music man

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