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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 31
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31. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
Just the one? I have a resting bitch neutral face that I didn't even know I had, until countless people pointed it out. It is, in fact, akin to Wednesday Addams' face when she musters a withering putdown. I'm not mad/bad/dangerous to know but now you have come to mention it, I become more crabby if I am told to cheer up, especially if there is nothing wrong with me.  I swear, I'm laughing inside. Truly.

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I didn't see anything wrong with your face! I thought it a very NICE face, full of colour and brightness and smiles and bright eyes and lovely lovely hair around. Tis a LOVELY face. I have MUCH affection for it. I can still see us, clear as a bell you are, opposite me in that pizza place. Yer all there! SMASHING.

I spose at rest yours might do a bit, what mine does. all folds in on itself, But mine goes into interminable crinkles and wrinkles and my mouth disappears entirely... lips disappear in old age and you end up with just a hole like... the other end??? only not as muscular! teehee. I have to keep smiling the corners up and have a special smile that I glue on when I'm driving!

My fizz looks like thin skin on custard when you push it all to one corner! There! pale yellow at that! colour comes from external sources.


and "I know my face it is not right,
It really is an awful sight
But, you see, I dont mind it,
For I am behind it,
Its those out in front get the fright!!!

It's the times of 'non-animation' that worries them. It works in my favour too - never under estimate the power of the singular arched brow. It has been known to turn guts to gravy. Re wrinkles - I prefer faces with character, though, I always have. Not so keen on them appearing on MY face, but not rabidly insecure either. Re driving - I can smile at loony drivers and utter the words "drop dead/die in a hole" and my lips don't move once.

I am yet to evolve the 'eggnog fizzog', but will work on it. Love the poetry xxx

Same here. We will just sit in the corner and look grumpy then, shall we? :D

No problem - operating 'Stone Face' mode right now.

I'm operating in my 'brave little soldier' mode - trashed my back yesterday.

I did something similar a few weeks back, thankfully it has settled down now.}

* tentative hugs * - get well soon xx

Thanks. I'm hoping a little TLC will help.

You would make a good poker player 😊

I should get Prodigal 2 to teach me - he's pretty hot at poker.

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