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Major Dissertation Intro & Chapter 1 Overhaul - Day 2

I have been up since 06:00 this morning and for an inveterate night owl, this is not good.  Sun hasn't long come up and it's 3c (37.4f) out there - didn't feel quite that cold.  Why am I even up at this time?? Oh yeah, I remember - DEADLINES!

Finished rewriting introduction, need to lop off a surplus 400 words.  For now, moved on to chapter 1.

Back garden at daybreak, taken at 07:30 this morning, forty minutes before the sun rose.

Back garden at nightbreak, taken at 16:03 this afternoon, fifteen minutes before the sun set - and the moon rose!

Bottom line::: I have seen both ends of the day and there is no signs of me abating as yet :-/

Rewriting chapter one isn't as easy as I thought - an enormous amout of signposting and lit crit jargonese and essays need to be put in and then pared back.  Crosseyed and crabby; have had to cancel meet ups and possibly an important dinner out on Wednesday afternoon, as I think I might be on the 06:36 to Plymouth, in order to get assignment in before midday deadline.  No room for manouevre - curses!

I am about half way on the rewrite of chapter 1.  All in all, not a bad day's work. Leaving this dad in the water til early tomorrow.
Tags: angela carter, ba english yr 3, major dissertation, the magic toyshop
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