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Advent Calendar 2016 - Day 9

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So much snow! So cold looking! Interesting video, but so much snow

Ankle breaker - that should have been my mum's nickname, She slipped on ice (formed by snow) and ended up with the a massively broken leg.

I suppose it's because we never get snow down here - it got to the low thirties fahrenheit, then shot up to late fifties! Where I am we hardly get any frost - only more soggy rain and wind :-|

Same with me, but I adore not having to deal with the snow. I had enough of that as a kid to last a lifetime!

I must admit that Cornwall gets thrown into disarray if we get a flurry of snow. Our last and only huge snowfall was in 1987 and the whole of the UK was plunged into Arctic conditions and specifically the county did not have the facilities to cope. We had a sprinkling here about six years ago, but it all disappeared within hours.

I think the novelty would wear off after a few days :-)

We have gotten snow once in the last hundred years and I want to keep it that way. We do get a few flakes now and again, but it never sticks because the ground is too warm

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Either they like snow, Kate Bush, or even Stephen Fry! Thanks Botty :-D

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