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Tranferable Skills
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What do you do when you have written all you needed in your 'Transferable Skills' reflection in 288 words, rather than the prerequisit 500?

* wanders off to eat mice pie and searches for another 212 words *

EDIT::: Haha - typo 101.  'Mice' should have read 'mince'. However, I will not remove the typo because it made me smile. With thanks to bluegerl who pointed out the blooper.

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You finish up by mentioning that one of your transferable skills is succinctness ;)

I DID, actually, although I used the word 'concise.' I have spent so long reducing my word count, I am starting to find it difficult to ad lib. Assignments tend to get a bit word dense.

,,, wanders off to eat mice pie and searches for ...

Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a..... but I've never heard of Mice? I spose that would be the meat course? HAHAHAHA...

And your station MUST have a porter with a wooden MUST have...

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