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Major Dissertation Portfolio - Kermit's Shower of Gloom

Well, I haven't procrastinated, but I have found myself dwelling too long over details that really didn't matter.  I am not the only one like this.  I know people are getting marks back on other stuff and are stretched thin over the portfolio and other work.  My life entails how I can bunch words together and tweak them till they squeak.  Move over, Kermy, my love - there must be room in that tiled torture chamber for two.

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Oh poor Kermit.... and that plughole looks horridly CLOSE!

Oh Rosie, teehee.. be VERY CAREFUL where you put your feet, poor wee Kermit. Squashed froggies is not nice underfoot.

(He's ok in my shower... sitting on my chair in there. Miss Piggy has used all my Chanel No.5 and nicked my pink bows for her ears!)

That's what I hate about having to edit my own stuff.. I can't see the errors for the trees... and so fuffing about over minor matters is far too easy to do. Take a deep breath, rescue Kermit and sit him on your desk.... and ALL WILL BE WELL!!!!!!!! Promise!

Thank you so much for my wonderful virtual Kermit - he is at least dairy-free hahaha.

I am still getting joy from my calendar, too - you are a marvel, my dear xx

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