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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 23
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23. What do you think of best friends of the opposite sex?
A contentious issue.  It rather depends on the people involved.  Personally, I have had close male friends, but it ended up a bit awkward as at least one of them wanted to develop it further. It also becomes a tad difficult if you are married to someone and you try to maintain a close friendship with said close friend.  Sex and jealousy always raises its ugly head, unless there are different parameters within that friendship, like your opposite sex bestie is a blood relation, or gay etc.  The complexities arise if there are unresolved/unrequited feelings.

I know that it is quite normal to have a platonic friendship with your opposite sex bestie and I am sure that there are many examples of this - but in my personal experience, if you have this, you are very lucky.  Feel blessed :-)

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I have had lots of male friends and my best friend is a guy, whom I'm also married to. It's a tremendous time saver! And I do feel blessed.

My hubby is definitely my best friend NOW - we were friends before we started dating but not besties. Now it's entirely different. I both love and like him and it wasn't until comparartively recently, that I realised that some marriages don't have those aspects.

My big guy was my bestie from Day One. We just connected and were friends for several months before we took it a step further. Neither of us regretted a moment of it, either... I hope. :P

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