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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 19
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19. Do you usually stay friends with your exes?

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Good for you. Nothing annoys me more than people going on and on about wanting to still be friends with their exes.

To me, it's a sign that they can't let go and that gives them licence to stalk or have a complex friendship at any cost.. Or one/both feel that they have some kind of power over the other one. Let that shit go, you know?

I am so tired of one of my friends stalking after an ex, even while married and with a kid, she stalks the person cyberly, whining how this and that reminds her of the other. Really? I'm about ready to cut the cord just because I am so weary.

Cut the chord with them, or wishing they would cut the chord with their ex?

Not really.. How one can stay as friends after relation...the moments you had will definitely wil make you weird when you are still in contact

I think once you have gone beyond having a normal friendship into a relationship, it is hard to back track and just be friends. It would be awkward, plus you would really know what they are like and would you want to be friends ever again? The answer would probably be 'no'.

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