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Studying Day
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I cannot write anymore until i do some research.  Some hefty digging has helped me unearth some essays on the subject of La Carter, then it will be time to rehash/rewrite/blah blah blah. Have turned Classic FM off because Rachmaninov is driving me mad.

Fractured day, have found several essays and have annotated them.  Went on fruitless hunt for decent hot water bottle that a) didn't have a tween little coat b) didn't cost upwards of a tenner to buy.  None in most of the supermarkets or Boots, will return to Argos tomorrow.  Feels really cold (it's about 8c - 46.4f), but in reality, feels a lot colder and according to the weather charts, will possibly be colder over the next few days.  Wish I could hibernate.


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