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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 17
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17. What would you do if your parents didn’t like your partner?
In my youth, I brought a couple of boyfriends home and they didn't particularly warm to either of them, so I didn't tend to bring them home after that.  They were relieved when I brought Hubby home as they both knew him and later, when they weren't fairing so well with their health, Hubby was a rock.  So, generally, they didn't have much to complain about.

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Oh GORGEOUS... wish I'd met a lovely Tentacule! I've had sicked him on to both my lot... but I was at the time when marriages were almost 'arranged'. I wasn't allowed to mix with REAL people... they had to be of a certain class, have certain monetary benefits, etc. didn't matter if they were just plain horrible. Mama wanted a TITLE... but a naval officer with pretty uniform sufficed - my having been revolted by the alternatives, and I should have turned this last one down and stayed a spinster!!! teehee

That's such FUN, sporfles.... a TENTACULE....oh grand fun.

My parents were not so grand, but were very well read and expected better things for their daughter, like going to university in a time when it was practically unheard of. Only the smallest handful of children from 70s/80s Cornwall were expected to attend university and usually they were from the professional classes. I baulked at that idea. Plus, I was from a home that tended to not give you a lot of freedom and were hot on chaperonage. They were trying to force the 1950s model onto an 80s teenager and it just didn't work.

I brought back a couple of boyfriends who were friends of friends; one was a lovely lad, but my mother ended the relationship on the basis that she didn't like his handwriting. I tended to keep their presence very low key after that.

Mother's Mother (my darling Gran)was a Hon. from a Lady Ashwin... and my mother never got over the fact that she couldn't be a Hon too..being as how she was about fourth down in the children stakes cos Gran married a very randy man I think (I'm not sure if there were murmurs of Catholicism on his side??? Dunno. Nowt was spoke abuot of Grandfather.) Gran had 13 children! In THOSE days...oh lor. I wish I'd know more about my Gran. I did so love her and I do like to think I take after her.(a lot of her rubbed off on me for starters!!!0

There was such a change in attitudes with parents of a certain age, and then the 60s got started and the Victorian era ended. My parents were SOOOO Edwardian... we almost had above the salt and below the salt!
Children seen and NOT heard, NO talking at table, unless spoken to. etc etc. knives and forks at SW and together, and NO decorations please!

It was oppressive, and even then I knew it was... it could be FELT... but one did not rebel. One Simply Did Not walk into the Punishment Room voluntarily!

My mum and da adored TBG, so I was lucky with that. However, if they hadn't, it would have made me sad, but it wouldn't have stopped me.

It wouldn't've stopped me either.

Break up with my parents.

Sometimes that is the only way.

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