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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 13
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13. Would you ever take back someone who cheated?
I kinda covered this aspect on Day 11. It would be very unlikely, because if the trust has gone, the indiscretion will surface again and again.  It also depends if it was a one night stand, or a full-blown relationship.  I might take someone back if we had broken up and there had been a fair while since the event took place.  People do grow up and stop playing the field, but if your partner is a player, then ditch 'em - unless you enjoy crash/burn/rekindle aspect of a relationship.

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Yes, I would. Simply because you can't change the instincts of males. Usually a quicky grope or lala gets them cooled off... but a long term relationship MIGHT give me thorts. It depends. I could keep him and bash him about... or just be grown up and dash off to have little affairs of my own! I'm a lot older and wiser now... a lot older..... !!! teeheeh

Hmm I tend to thrive tethered to a strong stake, rather than worry whether my parter is helping himself to other women. An affair would require me to departmentalise my life and I neither have the energy nor the inclination.

That isn't a judgement on others that DO - more the reflection of a boringly conventional gal:-)

Aaah yes, I'd have loved to have had a strong stake ... oh gawd would I!!

Right now need a big warm slightly hairy chest clothed in a warm flannel shirt to lean on.

My 'let my birds go free' is the voice of experience I fear, I was always hoping they'd come back to the hand with birdseed in!

HAHAHA . Stay stuck to your lovely stake (I keep typing Steak ...sporfle)


And you do keep referring to yourself as Conventional... I would hardly call you THAT... good lord. Not the Calico I met anyway!!!!XXXXX

The way to comfortable eccentricity is paved with frightful decisions. I was done with flying by the seat of my pants a fair while ago.

I could use a steak right now :-D

Trust really is everything. *hugs*

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Surprised, but thanks, Botty :-)

May be..if you truly love someone sometimes you give second chance because you cant stay away from them.. If he regret for his deed then definitely but first i will slapp him like anything..!!

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