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50 Day Question Challenge 2016 - Day 8
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8. Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up?

Well, I was pretty much a bookworm.  My first big book that I read with the barest of minimum illustrations was Alice in Wonderland and I thought it was so cool, I wanted to read more and discuss it with people.  So - pretty much.  I wanted to be involved behind the scenes in theatre, especially puppetry etc.  I haven't fulfilled that, but it is on my bucket list :-)

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That's where I want to spend the day! Wish it was an option. *Sigh*

Good luck with the theatre. All you have to do is stick your nose into the costume shop and say, "Do you need help?" Trust me on this one. :D

I will look forward to the time I can do this (around six months from now),

Fingers crossed that it's a great experience for you!

Books were my universe to which I could flee and hide. I would read anything at all that had words in it. From Gibbons rise and fall of the roman empire... to the whole 21 books on the first world war, and Sir Walter Scott and Dickens and ... ALICE of course, and Through the Looking Glass... oh and all the sci-fi's with Malcolm Bradbury and Clarke...oh ALL BOOKS are my worlds. The sheer joy I'm having now, is to re-read them and READ inside their words... READ them. Before I just listened to the music of the words and didn't understand very much at all.

I do have such a problem... there isn't enough time to read all those, and then read all the new wonders.... I'm just going to dive into Wise Children... to the music of Bruch's Violin concerto.

Happy grey and rainy day.... oh bliss - a chair, music and a BOOK!

I might watch Tim Burton's 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' again this evening, just to lose myself for a while :-)

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