Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Major Dissertation: Preface and Chapter 1 Reappraisal - Day 3

I was unwell yesterday, so I will be carrying on with the rest of it today.  Half of Monday is wiped out as I am going back to Truro College for the first time in over 18 months - ah, halcyon days!  So, best crack on with the work.  Above is a GIF for those people who are still hyperventilating over yesterday's news.

God, this has been a difficult day.  Many crossings out, many things eradicated - all in a bid to try to keep to the argument.  Pages 8-14 seriously need sorting out before I go on to the last page 17.  Really frustrated now.  Can't see the wood for the trees, so I am retiring on this (I have looked how many words I have in the Word Dump document that I have set up and it is about the same that I have kept in the diss chapter).  I think I will need every hour til I get on the train around 1pm.  I think I need some well-needed time on dictaphone, so I can articulate these thoughts properly.  Right now, I can see it very clearly, but writing it has proved very difficult.
Tags: angela carter, ba english yr 3, gifs 2016, grindstone files - year 3, the magic toyshop

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