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Down to the Calico Sea

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My condolence to us all.

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Sadly, I fear that is the case. He isn't just going to take us down, he's going to destroy every country he can. This is the first time that we are seriously talking about leaving.

Some year this has been.

Very sucky, all the way around.

To quote my son and his mate.

Mate: To be honest I think Mexico and Canada have the bricks and cement at the ready.

Son: He would make a wall all over the coasts too. Make a lovely little bowl of supreme white people. Like a global sized bowl of cereal.

Yeah, it's a way to keep us from getting out, not from people getting in - who would want to right now?

2016 keeps getting worse and worse.

I can't stop fliching every time I see his face - just shocking

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