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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Thank You Very Little

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Sigh I fear this is true!

I know there are arguments on both sides, but I fear that Trump has given legitimacy to every militant racist, sexist, war-justifying scumbag - who will act on those very issues,

The only good thing is that the president is basically at the mercy of the Congress and House. (S)he can do very little without their cooperation.

If he wins, it will be our only hope.

It's similar here - there is a ruckuss going on about Brexit and Article 50 and the whole business is set to face block after block. Because the majority have seemingly chosen Brexit, it has to be pushed through, but not without a lot of argument and stalling along the way - effectively trying to overturn the result and put into question the democratic process. In, Out, Shake It All About - the dithering is causing friction and an unpredecented weakening of the pound, let alone what will happen post Brexit.

Suddenly, I feel more sorry for you guys - good luck!

Thanks! It's still too early to say anything yet1

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