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Yesterday's Dream

A few months ago, I had a very odd but very realistic dream.  I was about 19 and in student digs (ironic as I am double that and then some, doing a degree off campus), living in a hipsters' dream - in a delapidated old Georgian house with flaking paint and squashy sofas (not Grimmauld Place).  The thing that stood out most of all, was the Yellow Ducks, I had dreams of these little suckers repeatedly.  Thing is, aspects of this dream keep resurfacing - like the residency is set out not too differently than a vintage emporium that I visit quite often; there is a fish tank that is similar to one in an artists' cafe, that I frequent, plus also my dolls house (which I still have and is also in a state of delapidation) that keeps following me around in my dreams, too.

Plus::: I have recurring Sherlock dreams - not that unusual as I am a fan of the series, but even so - Benedict Cumberbatch? Really? And Kosheen on repeat, either 'Damage', 'Addict', 'Guilty' or 'Under Fire'.  LOL - what are my dreams trying to tell me, I wonder?
Tags: benedict cumberbatch, sherlock, vids 2016

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