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Fevvers and the Grand Duke

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I am back in the saddle again, adjusting the preface and the first chapter (well, for 'adjusting' read 'substantially rewriting').  I have stumbled across a racy section of Nights at the Circus, featuring Fevvers and the Grand Duke. The latter is seducing the former and certain transgressions take place (Oooeerr missus - or for reference p.192).

Under the cut, is the amazing artwork of Rachel Taylor, who reimagines Fevvers' image with astonishing imagination. Fevvers as a gloriously meaty Venus - fantastic.  If she ever did a cartoon book of Nights at the Circus, I would happily get a copy.
'Fevvers' character development 'Nights at the Circus'

Fevvers character development two
Tags: angela carter, ba english yr 3, grindstone files - year 3, nights at the circus

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