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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Fevvers and the Grand Duke
Image result for siberian train painting

I am back in the saddle again, adjusting the preface and the first chapter (well, for 'adjusting' read 'substantially rewriting').  I have stumbled across a racy section of Nights at the Circus, featuring Fevvers and the Grand Duke. The latter is seducing the former and certain transgressions take place (Oooeerr missus - or for reference p.192).

Under the cut, is the amazing artwork of Rachel Taylor, who reimagines Fevvers' image with astonishing imagination. Fevvers as a gloriously meaty Venus - fantastic.  If she ever did a cartoon book of Nights at the Circus, I would happily get a copy.
'Fevvers' character development 'Nights at the Circus'

Fevvers character development two

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I recently finished Nights at the Circus. Wild and crazy and enjoyable. That's why I ordered Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales - I wanted more!

'The Bloody Chamber" collection is her most famous book. My favourites from that was' The Erl King' and 'The Bloody Chamber'itself. Highly charged, crammed with amazing imagery - well worth the read :-)

HAVE to finish me Le Carre.... THEN.. hoooeee hoooeee.

Fevvers looks like a really healthy girl (rather resembles me!!) teehee. Page 192 you say???

It's at the end of chapter two, before the performers move onto Siberia. Not sure when you will finish le Carre, but I think it would be apt if you had it for an slightly adult,but quite magical read for Xmas :-)

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