Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Autumn At Plymouth University

Yesterday in Plymouth was fine and sunny - turns out that Devon can pull off a pretty neat autumn day.  Leaves in Cornwall do change colour and look fantastic, but for us near the windy, salty territories, it tends to go rusty then drop off - end of autumn.  plus, they do have a variety of trees that just don't thrive well down here (for instance, i love conker trees - growing one has been nigh on impossible).

My lecturer Andrew is really lovely and very helpful in guiding where I should be go, which is less biography-driven and more textually-driven.  Which is fair enough - I don't really want to psychoanalyse Carter; just the key symbols that create and argument in her work.  Work on the theories.  Counter argue, make your case etc.  Still, I am on firm footing and ahead and will be back to studying very soon.  Right now, it's been time off, celebrate my sister's birthday and bonfire night, visit an old college chum and get set ready for the off re work this weekend.
Tags: angela carter, autumn, ba english yr 3, major dissertation

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