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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Major Disastation: Chapter 1 - Day 4

Major Disastation indeed!.  Woke up really late down to a crap nights sleep.  Needed to be everywhere else rather than at the desk.  Settled late, pared back some of the writing to 3,000 - but brought it back up to 3,304.  So - mostly editing but with my eyes crossed.  Still feel that this is very much so in the embryonic stage, had hoped to be a lot further forward.  Only need to bring in the first thousand words, but I need to understand it all first.  That's me done for the night, think I need to crystalise this on dictaphone.  I 'know' inside my head where I * think * I am going, but need to articulate, THEN write about it, as right now, I can neither articulate or demonstrate via typing.

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*hugs* I'm right there with you today. Here's hoping we both survive!

Slightly better today, but prone to distraction :-/

Ah, the story of my life...

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