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Major Dissertation: Chapter 1 - Day 3

This photo turned up my anniversaries page on Facebook.  I hasten to add that it is not a photo of mine,  would eb very proud if it was as it is fantastic, very atmospheric.  It's been very misty/rainy/floody in Cornwall over the past few days.  I suppose that means the Indian summer is over.

Been productive today - I have 3,202 words (mostly quotes) that have to be hauled back to about 2,500 and beyond, so I can be more selective with my writing and have room for expansion if need be.  Got a little way to go before I see my lecturer next Wednesday (he seems very nice and probably about 10-15 years younger than me).  I am having anxiety dreams about not getting the diss done on time and spending half my life on random train stations that i don't recognise, agonising whether I have caught the right one in time.

Making the most of my time though - if I can't concentrate on the task in hand, I do tend to read her other books for the pleasure of it.  Amazon and its penny books :-)

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That is a great photo - my hat off to the photographer!

Yes, it is stunning. I would like to know where it is :-)

Oh Oh - LOVE the icon!!!!

It's lovely, isn't it? Please feel free to use it on your page, if you want. Who ever took the photo has a great eye :-)

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