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Major Dissertation: Chapter 1 - Day 1
Despite being annilihated by germ warfare, I have made some inroad into both the intro and the first chapter of the major dissertation - over 1,200 words, but I will have to rethink some of it. Otherwise, I will become involved in what fellow student Adam calls 'Revolving Door Rhetoric' - stuck in a perpetual argument, no way of moving forward and most definitely no way of finding contemporary sources to further your argument (suddenly, I have the old psychology of Milgrim 1963, where I have to look for evidence to support Milgrim's case, whereas most find his work contraversial).

Raining here - we need it as we have had a bit of a dry spell.  Hubby not happy, as he was painting the porch up until twenty minutes before it rained. I think I am done for the day - I have some typed notes that I need to refer to tomorrow and the beginnings of properly forming my argument.

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Oh, this has been me all day today!

I was flying through the typing - have come to a grinding halt today. Residual cold still kicking around, will reconsider tomorrow

I have to admit Monday is kicking me in the butt pretty hard today.

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