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The Little Birds Fly

Down to the Calico Sea

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Major Dissertation Intro - Prologue

If I was a computer right now, you would say that I am on 'safe mode'.  Eyes that feel like they have been torn open and filled with builder's sand.  The eyeballs are doing an ineffectual job, holding back copious amounts of saline and it feels like the lids will burst their banks soon and I will perish in my own mucus.  God, am I attractive right now.

I have made careful plodding starts on my diss intro, with full expectation to draft out the first 1,000 words as intro, then go full forcce into the Toyshop trying to prove various arguments on stage one.  The chapter has to be fully written and referenced by Wednesday week, even if it is purely draft form.  All stands as part of the portfolio.  Last night, I was shivery and knocking back glasses of homemade elderberry wine - tonight, I am on the Lemsip, trying to shift some bug (or at least hold it back so I ca do some work).

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Oh so sorry.... LEmsip is excellent stuff - with honey and whisky added!

Good luck, keep trekking on, and survive you WILL!

HUGS and sympathies.

LOL - need a bullet. Seriously, I am feeling a bit better and I can't let it hold me back.

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