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PP Done and Dusted

Think everything went ok re the PP, not so sure re the annotated biblio - will know soon enough.  It's one hurdle done and dusted.  Doing the PP has crystalised a few things (like, don't try with 'gender theory', because it's a bit late in the game to understand that), sticking with the script, so I can see how everything correlates.  Will start this weekend with chapter 1.  Draft of first 1,000 words is expected in a fortnight from now, followed very shortly by the rest of the first chapter (2,500 all told).

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Yayayayay! I take it you got the printer to work after a bit of fussing. That's great news and I hope you slept well!

Love the graphic

I slept well but was woken early with the stomping sound of the highways guys tamping down the tarmac :-/

But they WERE TAMPING DOWN!!!! not digging UP! YAYA for PPS and things done and nasty noisy men going away...

Very suitable Gif. XXXXXXX

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